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Political Committee Newsletter - October 6, 2021
Posted On: Oct 11, 2021

Dear IATSE Local 16 members,

The members of the political committee hope you and your family are well.

On October 4th, 2021 the Local 16 Political Committee met via Zoom with all members present.

The Political Committee would like to go on record in stating our support for all IA members under the Hollywood Basic Contract and their impending strike against AMPTP. This strike will affect members in other jurisdiction outside of Hollywood, such as film crews in Georgia and Louisiana.

The looming 60,000 IA member strike will not affect our Local 16 contracts, which were negotiated in good faith and be will honored. However, as many Local 16 members know our labor has been exploited with meal penalties and turnaround times being nothing more than a line item for major corporate events.

It should be noted that many members are willing to work in these conditions, and they are encouraged to keep a detailed record of their hours in order to be paid the proper rates. With this said, there are also many members who are concerned for their health and safety when consecutive work days stretch 12 hours or more and turnaround times are at their bare minimum. These current corporate show conditions do not support a sustainable work environment, which in the short term can be described as ‘good money’, but in the long term would it would described as ‘poor health’. Local 16 will be monitoring the ongoing IA negotiations, and giving support to our fellow members as they fight for better work conditions.

At this time the Political Committee would like to congratulate Unite Here Local 2’s concession workers at Oracle Park for their labor victory. Local 2 voted overwhelming to strike in September, which forced management to come to the table and meet their demands. Over the last year, many Oracle Park concession workers were infected with Covid-19, which lead to their demands for Hazard Pay along with a wage increase. 

When we fight we win.

Now let’s turn our attention to CA renter’s relief program.

On September 7th 2021 The Political Committee co-hosted a Zoom meeting on rent relief options in San Francisco in conjunction with Jobs for Justice and the Housing Rights Coalition of San Francisco. If you weren’t able to attend and would like to find out more information please go to or to see if you are eligible for rent relief.

In local San Francisco news, mayor London Breed has appointed Assembly member David Chiu to replace Dennis Herrera as SF City Attorney; Herrara is now the general manager of the city’s troubled Public Utilities Commission. There will be a special election for David Chiu’s Assembly seat, which is expect in the first few month of 2022. As more candidates run for the Assembly seat the Political Committee has prepared a questionnaire for potential candidates who may reach out to us for support in the upcoming special election. As always, the Political Committee is looking for labor-friendly candidates.

October marks the 19th month of the global Covid-19 pandemic. In August the FDA officially approved the Pfizer vaccine, which gives more legal protection to businesses whom are issuing their own vaccine and mask mandates.

If any members are medically cleared and open to vaccination, then please do so ASAP in order to avoid possible future work restrictions, and to protect themselves and those around them from further spread of Covid-19 and its variants. With that said, to be eligible to work on-site more and more employers are requiring all crew members to have a Covid-19 vaccine.

In closing… we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween, Samhain, y Dia de Los Muertos.

Here’s to the ballyhoo, the rising curtain, and to all the masters of the stage and screen. Take care, and we hope to see each other soon.

Thank you

Download: 10-6-21 Political Committee Report.pdf

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